In 2003, ICAO introduced strengthened language proficiency requirements for all pilots, ATC controllers and aeronautical station operators, who are now required to demonstrate a minimum English language proficiency at ICAO Level 4 (Operational).

From March 2011 all international airlines and Air Traffic Control organizations in the Indonesia will need to provide that their personnel have been assessed according to the ICAO requirements.

English language proficiency is a vital safety issue. While Standard Phraseology is the most important factor of effective verbal communication, it is recognized that there may be circumstances where plain-language communications in English become necessary. Difficulties in plain language communications between ATC and flight crews have often contributed to serious incidents and accidents. In recognition of this ICAO has introduced the new focus on Plain English, which is necessary in flight operations when Standard Phraseology is not enough. This is particularly relevant in non-routine or emergency situations.

This textbook is aimed at those pilots and ATC controllers who have already achieved level 3 and want to raise their level of English language skills. It covers Plain English in an aviation context essential to communicate within the aviation community and focuses on the skills necessary to comply with the ICAO language proficiency requirements: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interaction.

Each unit consists of discussions of non-routine situations and includes vocabulary, grammar, listening and communicative exercises, as well as pronunciation drills.

Emphasis is placed on content-based, safety-focused English around important safety and operational topics with authentic materials and situations of real interest to pilots and controllers motivating them to improve their English language abilities. The aviation-specific topics include:

–  Depressurization;

–  Icing;

–  Landing Gear Problems;

–  Fires;

–  Bird Strike;

–  Hijacking;

–  Airspace Infringement.

This text book may help learners to increase their ability to communicate with confidence and equip them with very specific skills needed to function effectively and safely in aviation.